Lakme Fashion Week Day 3 & 4

Fashion week is like an adventure.

I really, really like clothes, you know.Me just wearing my old, dirty tshirt all time at home is a different case. *ahem*
At Day 3, I saw poetry walking on the runaway.



Ekà’s Rina Singh was taking a gander at incomplete gems, “infinto stylish” as she depicts it, and happened to discover the late Indian craftsman Amrita Sher-Gil. Singh reconsidered a closet for her remembering the different phases of her life and ventures. It is not the Ekà approach to stay aware of what is drifting and if Singh isn’t up to a show, she’s somewhat not make it to the timetable by any means. Be that as it may, yesterday’s lineup was so convincing we’d get a kick out of the chance to see the originator work all the more as often as possible. There was a well used in quality to all the garments that Singh relentlessly tries to add to every single one of her items, however given the season mandate of “winter happy”, the Ekà young lady had glammed up in her own specific manner. Singh presented touches of ribbon and insights of gold delicately all through the gathering. In the favored palette of dusty rose and beiges, there were whites, blacks, pale blues and jade—Singh’s examination on craftsman unquestionably impacted her own particular work.




My #ootd story

In the event that you read my past two Lakme Fasshion Week blog, you probably saw that each of my #OOTDs for fashion week has a story or rationale behind it and day three was the same.

I wore a skirt and a top with some jhumkas and a shrug. As straightforward as that. Be that as it may, this outfit cost me zero bucks. I influenced the skirt to out of an old dress, the top was produced using an old fabric and the jhumkas were gifted to me a while back.

My thought process is to reveal to you that, design is not just about purchasing  branded stuff. You can be innovative and analyze in your own specific manners to up-to-date and not really ‘overwhelming on the pockets’ garments.


Day three wasn’t that hectic for me as I just went there for the EKA show. However, in the little time that I had, I tried to capture the Lakme Fashion Week StreetStyle. This is my first ever attempt at clicking street style, people. Asking a stranger to pose at a very random time, is a teeny bit awkward for me. Hopefully, this phase will pass by the next Fashion Week!!

Aanam C from What When Wear


Day 4

I didn’t realized that day 4 will be my last day at fashion week. I don’t know how however when I woke up that day my inward child said to me, go easygoing, live, talk and snap a considerable measure of photographs. Truly, I spent the most recent three days at fashion week glimmering at workmanship, covering shows and yet generally, unobtrusively remaining in a corner. I felt somewhat scared by observing every one of these individuals that I appreciate and gaze upward to. Case, I spotted Kayaan Shiraz (a.k.a The Shapeshifter) 5-6 times at Lakme Fashion Week and I’ll simply say that I have a girl crush on her . In any case, not once did I had the fearlessness to go up to her and simply say hey! I adore your work. IDK, simply didn’t had any desire to irritate her while her work. (in this way, i chose to subtly appreciate her from a separation, lol.)

In any case, this day I concluded that I will assemble all the mettle that I have and converse with my idols, in the event that I found the opportunity.


I was invited for the All Primero by Wendell Rodricks on Day four of Lakme Fashion Week.


About the show and collection: 

Ace designer Wendell Rodricks introduced the ‘aLL PRIMERO’ gathering at the larger size show at Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) Winter/Festive 2017.

The introduction broke myths about hefty size form where shading, style and textures were worried about outlines made to compliment men and ladies with awesome bends and sufficient muscles like the Apple, Pear, Hourglass, Rectangle and Carrot shapes.

The Plus Size Store propelled its PRIMERO accumulation with Rodricks at the mold celebration.

In the wake of influencing their introduction at LFW to a year ago, aLL – The Plus Size Store worked together with the famous form architect this year for an accumulation titled ‘aLL PRIMERO’ which looks to break misconceptions in regards to larger size attire in the design business.


Best thing about the show was the line up of the unconventional models. I’ll just end this with by saying that ALL looked sizzling.




Like I mentioned in the start, my “inner kid” wanted to be at free on day four and that effected my outfit decision. I just wore a floral skirt, floral sweatshirt again with floral shoes and an over-sized denim jacket.


Speaking about my outfit, the #OOTD on day four got an upgrade, thanks to The Apartment by RBL. I switched my denim jacket for a Juicy Couture A/F17 blush jacket. Here are more photos of and from The Apartment by RBL.




MANISH ARORA. That guys is a freaking genius! The designs were once again spectacular but the best part was the presentation of it. He converted a mall into his own runway! Models enter and left via elevators.


Photo 2Manish-Arora-3Manish-Arora

Need I say anything?


Other Moments: 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Thats it guys! This marks my end for Lakme Fashion Week blogs.  If you read all three, then I love you. No, seriously take my heart and put it in a jar. *hehe*


Before saying goodbye, I just want to say that I know this “fashion world” looks like very glitzy and glam. However, in reality this world is made of just human individuals like any other. Individuals who work very hard, chase the artistic satisfaction that makes them slog every day to create art that can be worn, appreciated from a distance or close. Individuals like any other but in very good looking shoes.


Much Love,


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