My Experience W/ Cheryl Cosmeceuticals

Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals’ gives you professional treatments and home care products that achieve absolutely fabulous results! The products are all formulated with scientifically-proven herbal actives and bio-technological ingredients in the purest form. Our products refresh and rejuvenate the skin. Experience clearer, and more youthful and radiant skin upon the first application!
Regular use of Cheryl’s products will result in solutions to skin concerns like acne, discoloration, ageing skin, dark skin, oily and sensitive skin, cracked heels, puffy eyes, dark circles, etc.
They also offer hair care solutions for dandruff, hair loss, natural hair restoration and thinning of hair in women and men.
“Seeing is believing” this is what their customers and skin solution specialists say on the efficacy of our products.
They have trained thousands of beauticians/aestheticians/dermatologists/skincare practitioners nationwide for the last twenty years. They have had the opportunity of seeing the results on people whose skin condition improved dramatically with the use of Cheryl’s products and treatments.
And now, it was my time to test and see!
Speaking to one of their experts, she first briefed me about Cheryl and showed me their app, too. Customers can easily book an appointment via the app. I’ll take you step by step on what went down. Cheryl experts first provide you consultancy wherein they check your skin, discover the problems that it is facing and then provide a solution to those problems.
After checking my skin type, the moisture level and the problems it is facing, I came to know that I have HYPER SENSITIVE SKIN, the moisture level was about average and that, there is a slight pigmentation developing on my skin.
If you follow me on Snapchat, then you must be aware that I keep on trying different home remedies for skin fix. I was under the impression that natural products can’t harm the skin, AND I WAS WRONG.
Cheryl experts told me that almost everyday they see customers who came to them with problems, that they are facing because of the little knowledge of the products they have been using.
In today’s world. we are bombarded by new face masks and remedies from influencers that we end up blindly trusting. I highly recommend you to first get your skin consulted first before applying anything.
The experts told me that the best skin routine for my type is just cleansing and moisturizing.
To give my HYPER SENSITIVE skin a quick fix to improve the moisture level and the condition, I was recommended the SENSIGLOW treatment.
Now before I bid adieu, I asked the experts one final question: What products should I use??
As mentioned earlier, Cleansing and moisturizing should be my routine. They recommended me to use :  Cetaphil Daily Facial cleanser and Cetaphil Dam moisturiser.

 See, this is what I liked about Cheryl’s experts, they didn’t try to shove their own products down my throat but suggested those products that would work best for my skin.
As mentioned above, I have started to develop pigmentation on my skin. To prevent further damage, I was suggested to apply suns cream daily. I bought Cheryl’s sun block cream for the same.
I am 21 and I know that being young and free, you think that nothing can go wrong. We forget to give ourselves the tender, loving care we need, ignore the Dos an just live carefree. However, it is important that we realize that whatever we will do now, will effect us in the coming years.
If I wouldn’t have visited Cheryl’s, I would have never knew the skin pigmentation I was giving a rise to and it was all because of my carelessness of not applying sun scream.
Don’t be too late and get your consultancy done from the experts, asap.
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To book an appointment with Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals, download their app: For android users: https://play.google.com/store/apps/de…
Much Love,

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