Carnival with FEMELLA

In world, where we are barraged by advertisements each moment of your life. We have a tendency to free the touch on what is the best choice. As far as mold, there are many place where you can shop wearable dos and in view of the oceans of choices we swim in, we have a tendency to in some cases miss probably the most beautiful fishes out there.

Today, I need to discuss one such fish maybe, mermaid would be a more appropriate term for them.The name of this mermaid is Femella.

“The moment you wear one of our designs you will feel the quality, the attention to detail, and the craftsmanship we weave into every single piece of clothing we have our label on.”


Is the thing that there mark quotes to offer. Truly, after my own particular experience with Femella, I should state that what they composed is consistent with the one piece. They offer excellent pieces of clothing, with the end goal that you can discover just in uncommon terms.

At first look, they may look simple to you. However,once draped you will detect the quality, at how easily it fits on you like a second skin, and the class with a little touch of points of interest, is the thing that takes the cake away.

On a stormy afternoon, Samiksha and I, took the Femella pieces of clothing out to play and, we made something, what I will get a kick out of the chance to call is; Carnival. The vivid energetic sceneries blended with the intense and flower prints from Femella, ahh!! For me, it just radiates joy. I am grinning most in these photos, fundamentally for the reason that these were the most comfortable garments I have ever shot in.








Chic-est work outfit ever. Common ladies, let just agree to the fact that we all need a nice, sexy dress which we can wear to work.  The frill detailing at the side, the bottle green color and the fit, is what makes this outfit a perfect blend of sexy and classy. I added two brown belts and a pair of peep toes black pumps, for accessorizing the outfit.









Look Two







Floral prints make me go bonkers and this design, of pink & green flora on a white backdrop comes out as something so pure and happy. I loved the cut on the shoulders, adds a little flirty touch to the delicate beauty of the garment. Definitely, a Sunday brunch outfit or maybe, a dress to live in for the rest of your life. 





Look Three





Yes, another floral print, I am guilty but I just needed another one, one which I can wear on casual occasions. 


My second reason to choose this outfit was because of its practicality. We women can wear dress with pockets, specially if it is designed in a way that it practically doesn’t appear to be a pocket dress at first. 







Shot by: Samiksha Borkar

Location: Luca Kitchen and Bar, Mumbai

Shop the looks at:  FEMELLA


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