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In the previous couple of days, I saw such huge numbers of makers griping about the new Instagram algorithm. On how, it just was boosting sure kind of substance, (selfies, cupcakes, creatures, #ootds or semi-nudes, ohkay-holy cow).

I did succumbed to this new villain, subjecting myself to just posting extraordinary photographs on me. No joking, I got a ton of new supporters with a decent measure of reach. In any case, restricting my substance is constraining myself the freedom to make whatever I need.

My disposition resembles a pendulum, now and again adhering to typical and on occasion, connecting with make the most stun worthy, never observed content.

Incredible craftsmanship holds on. Incredible craftsmanship tests. Extraordinary craftsmanship yields answers. Awesome craftsmanship is recalled. It slices through the commotion, holds consideration, and moves activity, unwavering, feeling, and trust.

Sounds a mess like the stuff we should make for work.

So what do we think about? Individuals. Us. You. The gathering of people. Individuals hold the appropriate response, dependably. Your innovation is there to intensify your kin. Your investigation is there to track other individuals. This is a round of releasing the absolute best in your kin, and discovering answers for the most noticeably bad in the general population you wish to serve.

It’s never about the wand. It’s dependably the wizard that holds the genuine power.

What’s more, we, the inventive individuals, try to release our maximum capacity. We don’t do as such via thinking about information. We do as such via thinking about making extraordinary workmanship.


By staying true to yourself.

There will be times when what you made won’t not achieve your level of “reaction” desire. In any case, don’t get crippled and keep on experimenting.

I can without much of a stretch stick to one sort of  edit, which can be satisfying to the eyes and the sustain, dependably. In any case, that doesn’t give me fulfillment. What lits my fire much more is the point at which I constantly make something other than what’s expected, each time. Unique in relation to the last. One can never foresee my best course of action. As enhanced this world may be, so is my psyche. You can expect regular and unconventional, both in the meantime for me. For my actual fulfillment lies there; in being vulnerable to all of the parts of life and workmanship.

The look: THE THIRD EYE AWAKENING, is what we created for Halloween.

Any how,  this look somehow now fits my current situation. I can finally see my true, crazy self and it’s desires. It’s like there is a RENAISSANCE happening inside me.




Be fearless, creators. I’ll for sure, will be there to like and comment on your extravagant ideas!

Love & only Love,


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