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Live & Let Live Ft. Liva Fashion

Such huge numbers of contemplation running in a winding in my mind at the present time.

Feels it has taken the state of a whirl y gig* that won’t quit turning.

To be honest, I am a little nervous right now. Lately, I have developed this ocd to only post perfect content.

Also, chicken nuggets is what I like.

Which I was eating while I typed this down…

I am not a rebel. I am not a a person who resists an established authority, often violently. Kent Healy puts it beautifully down;

“Beyond the constraints of a monotonous environment
Emerges a free mind choosing empowerment
Remaining free in spirit and in mind.” 

These lines are from his poem, titled ‘The Maverick’.

A word which perfectly sums up my multiple nouns.

individualistnonconformistfree spirit, unorthodox person, unconventional person, originaltrendsetter, bohemian, eccentricoutsider;

Presently before you say, “You replicated Logan Paul vibes.” and surge me with DMs on how I not innovative.

I’ll simply say,

Try not to be a renegade.


Now don’t put too much pressure on that nugget of yours. I will explain you what I exactly mean but before that *विज्ञापन* 


Liva is a brand that stands for high quality fabrics, made from Birla Cellulose a global leader in Viscose Staple fibre. Unlike other fabrics, that are boxy or synthetic. The new-age naturally sourced fibre made into fabric in pure or blended form, transforms not just the garment but also the person wearing it. It is comfortable, soft, 100% natural, and eco-friendly.  Presenting an editorial series featuring outfits Liva A/w  collection.


The stand out


To be unusual,
have people stare,
and not blend in…

I hope that I stand out
because there is a light
that won’t quit shining;
brightness that comes from a belief so strong,
a faith firm like a grey rock. 








Grey Jumpsuit: Liva | Grey Pullover: Zara |Shoes: Forever21


Shot by Siddharth in a busy park, near my house.


Bad Barati

I like my outfits jazzy.  One of my most favourite outfit from the A/W Liva fluid fashion collection. A pink jumpsuit with embellished borders and a meshed midriff exposing cut.

Shot by Jayendra on the streets of Colaba.





Jumpsuit: Liva | Denim Jacket: Levis India | Shoes: Zara

Don’t mind me turning to a wedding with colored eyebrows.




Call me a re…maverick.


The real reason why I started this whole conversation about the rebel vs maverick thing is because I feel that people have been abusing the word rebel. Utilize that as a reason to do whatever the hellfire they need. Act in the first place, make inquiries later, not consider other people groups’ emotions or encounters, and whenever they get approached their crap? Yo, you simply don’t get their renegade revolutionary vibe, man! Try not to be such a hater!

On the off chance that somebody carried on the way you’re acting – for instance, scrutinized you openly without allowing you to protect yourself, sent you an email censuring your marking as well as life decisions, or said something that hurt you profoundly and after that lined it up with “reality harms.”


Genuinely switch parts here.


You can stand out with your individual thoughts and beliefs but remember to give equal respect to others for the same. Live and let live.









*aka fidget spinner

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