GYPSY PANDA x TopCrop Collection

Thank you!
’cause of your love and support, this little girl is able to fulfill her dreams.
Presenting to you a collection that I have designed with TopCrop. These footwear are comfortable (my main element!) and stylish.  You can shop the collection here: Gypsy Panda x TopCrop


Braids are a trend this season that people love, so we thought we should bring them to your feet! #newrelease
Black and tan, the most versatile colours come together to create class and sass together.



Midnight blue seems to be the color of the season and satin is the material that not only looks extremely rich and chick but even makes you feel like royalty and who doesn’t want to feel like that!


On the days you feel like embracing the inner girl but not so obviously, Nicki comes to your rescue!
The military olive green isn’t a color that necessarily scream femininity, but the bow on the ankle strap makes this show special!


Mustard suede flats with tan laces which can easily go from casual to formal depending on how you style them is a sure winner.


The blue and white stripes in the front panel of Erin make sure that your shoes stand out and be a total crowd pleaser at the same time! #NewReleases
The silver in the back adds a little pizzaz to your outfit and makes you feel a little jazzier than usual.


Let us know what you thought about the collection!

Much Love,


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