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#HolidaGiftGuide: Pipa+Bella

You can be a lot of things. 
Pledge to follow new or the old resolutions in 2018. 

There are two traits which I like to keep constant, that is to Be FEARLESS in my endevours, to not be afraid of doing the different.To be living in the moment with a relaxed heart. 
And, to Be KIND at all times, to myself and to others. 

This holiday season, I gifted myself Pipa+Bella KARMA BANGLES. 
With my routine traits engraved in the front, on days when I feel low or unforgetful, all I’ll have to is twist it back. With the words, “This year I will..” engraved on the inside, this gift serves its purpose of keeping me in touch with my daily goal of being Kind and Fearless. 

The Karma Bangles comes in Gold & Silver variation with tonnes of different slogans for you to choose from. I think it makes a great holiday gift for both you and your loved ones. 
SHOP HERE: Karma Bangles

What do you want to achieve in 2018?

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