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What’s Your Escape ft Max Fashion



After brainstorming on the topic of human escapes for an entire night, I took a cigarette break, made myself a cup of tea and played my favorite song at the moment, ‘nothing’s gonna hurt you baby’…

And, that is when it hit me, escapes, a ‘break’, is necessary for us humans, for an overall calm functioning. This little break of mine was a needful moment for me to unwind myself in my thoughts or as most of us say, a/my way of escaping the reality for a bit.

It’s a characteristic human reflex to shy away from negative encounters, for example, dismissal, detachment, stretch, agony, wanting and despondency.  However, what escapes you choose is the main concern here. Many of us fall into a trap when trying to dissociate from the pain, and we end up choosing poisons that we can’t escape. From my own experience; who had a heap of misfortunes in her bag, refused to clean that bag, ever. Instead, decided to sleep on it. For hours, days and weeks, I spent my day in ignorance to my problems.

For sleeping is like an escape which makes you not feel emotions, alcohol makes you happy, promiscuous activities make you feel loved, overeating brings fulfillment and well, the list of poisons is endless.

But whatever I did, the bag still remained dirty. A rotten apple now. Had I dealt with the dirt head on then, I wouldn’t have to face a bigger mess later.

It is simply impossible to escape reality. There will always be a ground beneath us and a sky above.

So, might as well take this ‘escapism’ as a momentary reprieve from our circumstances, giving us a chance to recharge our batteries before we jump back into the fray.

Music; a great way of partaking in escapism. It makes me ponder on my thoughts. Whenever I listen to music, I visualize this music video, playing in my head, with the scenes from my past, present, and future. To me, it just gives the hope to look forward.

Now, would you say that there are two kinds of escapes? Good ones (watching a movie, playing a video game, daydreaming, etc) and, the bad ones (alcohol, etc).

Consider escapism like sugar or salt. You can sprinkle it over your life to improve it, however, a lot of (both good or bad) will demolish the entire thing.

I also understand this,

as a result of stress, losses, anxiety, depression, and childhood traumas—automatically and without conscious thought can turn to an addictive substance or behavior as a source of emotional distraction. Often individuals who lack, fear, and avoid emotional intimacy, and who therefore seek comfort and soothing elsewhere, typically from sources that do not require emotional vulnerability.

To those (and reminding myself once again), I will say that

Life looks back at us when we look forward. You need interactions, purpose, and hope for the times ahead.

Remember, you can change your world to a certain extent. Reality may not always be as fun as movies, books, and video games, but it is still adjustable; and it can be just as exciting!

But you won’t know how exciting life can be baby, if you just sleeping.


Bringing a change in my life with the new year. I have decided that Music and Travel will be my numero uno doses of escapism this year.


Shot by Ridge Fernandes




‘Rebel without a pause’ top & metallic waistband skirt: MAX FASHION



Processed with Rookie Cam




image (8).jpeg


Processed with Rookie CamProcessed with Rookie Cam



Flower sweatshirt with tulle skirt & accessories: MAX FASHION






Processed with Rookie CamProcessed with Rookie Cam


IMG_8695 (1).JPG
There are going to be nights that will stay burned beneath your eyelids, memories that dance underneath your skin, Life is going to exceed your expectations, it is going to astonish you with its timing. Remember- you have not felt it all. The world has so much left for you.






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