Wedding Story Ft. Flyrobe

Google, ‘that perfect Indian wedding dress’ and up appears on the top for your searches; Flyrobe, an online apparel rental platform that has spread their branches with the opening of two stores in Mumbai.

Yup, stores! You heard it right. Picking up an outfit for the/a wedding can be no easy cookie. Luckily, you can now just head down to Flyrobe’s store (at Santacruz or at Borivali, both in Mumbai) and choose from the numerous options they offer.

If a store visit is not feasible for you then sit back, lit your phone up with Flyrobes website:

They make sure that the fit is perfect on you. For your outfit to fit exactly to your size, Flyrobe will visit you to take care of your measurements. Free delivery, pick up & drop service at your doorstep of well dry cleaned designer picks; all of this at only 10-15% rental price of the outfit’s retail price.

Flyrobe features designers like, Ritu Kumar, Shantanu & Nikhil, Divya Reddy, Ekaksh, just to name a few. Also, high street fashion brands like H&M, Zara, and more are up for grabs. Are you listening, both the sexes? Just to remind you, Flyrobe also offers a great collection of men apparel at value for money rental price!

I am not going to stress this again but here you go, Flyrobe can easily fit the position for a Fairy Godmother that saves you at the day of weddings, big parties, and all that jazz. I, fall back on Flyrobe’s shoulder for every one of my major events! It makes no sense to me to spend a lot of bucks on an outfit that I’ll be wearing only once, hence renting-life for those situations.


Grey embroidered Net Lehenga by ZAYAH.




We got a little too emotional with this gown. Blame it on the feel of the place where we were shooting. The outfit perfectly fits in the fairy tale mood my head was stuck in ever since when I was planning this shoot for Flyrobe.

Gown rented from the Flyrobe’s store at Santacruz, Mumbai.



Pictures shot by KARAN SARAF

Shot at the luxurious property of Seacroft House in Madh Island, Mumbai

So, which look did you liked the most? Let me know in the comments below! Until next time 🦋


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