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Styling Converse High Tops – 5 ways


Without socks or with tights, during the evening or amid the day, on the shoreline or at a club, Converse are a bringing together shoe: everybody adores them. Worn by fashionistas like Rihanna, Gwyneth Paltrow, Chloe Sevigny and Kate Moss, they appear in magazines from Elle to US Weekly.

Millie Bobby Brown wore the Chucks on the red carpet of SAG awards show. Converse Chucks when worn with a dressed up outfit, are an announcement of incongruity or autonomy or solace before mold. Dressed down, they are the ideal touch to nearly anything-skirts, dresses, thin pants, or shorts.

Converse are universal, delightful, and can be found on women from birth to 99! They come in a wide range of hues yet the dearest are white and dark, and the high top Converse has its place in our souls perpetually too.


One thing I absolutely love about chucks is that you can keep your outfit jazzy and still can easily throw on a pair of chucks with it, for all they do is add a compliment to the whole look while laying cool in the background.

Dress: GAP  Jacket: ZARA Accessories: Colaba Market


One way that you should definitely be styling your high tops with is athleisure. Leggings, joggers or skinny jeans, all of them look great with chucks.

Top: MAX FASHION INDIA   Joggers and Red Crop Sweatshirt: H&M


On the first look, chucks may come to you as sneakers to style with casual outfits. However, I would encourage you to step out of that comfort zone and try pairing your chucks with skirts and dresses (be it minis, midis or maxis!)

Channeling my modern Audrey here.

Skirt: Thrift Shopped from Chor Bazar  Top: KOOVS  Jacket: H&M  Sling bag: ZARA


Converse automatically make a statement – as retro, artistic, ironic, irreverent, etc. Style the black and whites with a little extra outfit and when the outfit is simple, try jazzing it up with colorful chucks!

Skirt: MAX FASHION INDIA   Jacket & Top: ZARA  Sunglasses: FOREVER21


Wider-legged or slightly baggier trousers work well with Converse-style high tops. Make them your muse. We already know how cool one looks with them baggy, boyfriend jeans and chucks on!

Palazzo Pants:  Top: Forever21 

My mood goes from Tomboy to a Disney Princess real quick and while my moods pretty much guide my dress for the day, one thing that I can keep constant with me are my high tops. For they stay with me forever, through all my moods, keeping it comfortable and stylish.

So next time you’re looking for some versatile footwear, put away those heels and give some thought to the humble high top!

Shot By Ridge Fernandes

Shot at The Sassoon Docks Art Project by Start India

*art is for all but is it really fair to use the art created by someone else for your own selfish cause?

Requesting all the creators who have shot at Sassoon Docks, to please give credits to the artist whose art you have used for pretty editorial back drops. Just a name mention won’t hurt you.

Also, let us know which one was your favorite look!

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