Mid Night Scribbles

A Biography

Wrapped up in my own arms, With a dead stare on my face. Why and How do I end up in this position always? Shaking and sweating in a cold, dark room, 'Easy ways to kill yourself', Googled an hour ago. *Is that a knock on the door, I just heard? Do I actually have… Continue reading A Biography


Manish Arora’s Take On PWF

    Manish¬†Arora¬†is in a spiritual mood for Autumn Winter 2018. Zen Buddhism and meditation from Japan informs rich cherry blossom brocades and chrysanthemum threadwork on monastic kimono inspired jackets and gathered worker trousers. A Japanese precision permeates a strictly divided line-up of uniform silhouettes fabricated in Japanese silks, all topped with knotted scarves made… Continue reading Manish Arora’s Take On PWF