My Skin Care Routine

My skin routine is pretty basic. Every morning, I put sunflower oil (especially imported from Italy) on my face. It is followed by a gold facial, done by a professional from France. Before hitting the bed, I apply unicorn poop mixed with almond milk.


Just kidding!

I am doing this post only because a lot of you requested me to do one. Honestly speaking, each one of us have different skin types and someone else’s routine might not work wonders for you.

When I was in my early teens I had really bad acne, for which I went to a dermatologist to find a cure for and over the years it got better. Thanks to my mom, I have genetically blessed fair skin which turns red every time I blush, laugh or fart too hard.

Last year, I went to get my skin tested from Cheryl’s Skin Clinic. The results said that I have a combination, hyper sensitive skin. In simpler terms, touch karte hi red ho jaati hai skin.

One more example, you know haldi & curd mixture that is recommended by every Daadi. Well, turns out that it actually burns and irritates my skin. Sorry Grandma, you are not always right.

So before you read this or any other skin care routine. I suggest that you first know your skin type.

My Skin Dos


Know you skin type and choose the products accordingly

For me, less is more.

I only use Cetaphil face wash and Cetaphil Dam for moisturizing on a daily basis.


Always wear Sunblock 

The sun doesn’t take a break, which is why your defence against its harmful UV rays shouldn’t either. Wearing water-resistant, broad-spectrum sunscreen—SPF of 15 or higher—daily, rain or shine, is crucial for healthy-looking skin that’s protected against the sun and the damage its rays can cause—from wrinkles to dark spots to cancer.

I am 22 and I know that being young and free, you think that nothing can go wrong. We forget to give ourselves the tender, loving care we need, ignore the Dos and just live carefree. However, it is important that we realize that whatever we will do now, will affect us in the coming years.

If I wouldn’t have visited a skin clinic to know what is up with my skin, I would have not known about the skin pigmentation I was giving a rise  because of my carelessness of not applying sun scream.

Please. This is the most important step to a healthy skin.



Just because your skin is oily, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to moisturise. There is a huge difference between oily and hydrated. A little bit of face cream goes a long way. Besides using Cetaphil Dam after washing my face. I also use Forest essentials, Sandalwood face cream before going to bed.


Bye Bye sad eyes

The skin under our eyes is very thin and it requires extra care. I break Vitamin E capsules and massage its oil under my eyes, gently every alternative night before going to bed.


Puffy face problems

I have a bad habit of stuffing my face with junk at times in night. The next day I wake up with a  tired and puffy face. To bring it back to life, I pour cold water and ice into a bowl and place my face in it for a few seconds, then again for a few seconds, till I feel fresh back again.

I also use Forest Essentials Rose water to keep it hydrated during the day.


Lip Talk

Besides using a lip balm, I also use a natural lip scrub  made out of coconut oil and sugar to exfoliate my lips. I do this two times a week.


Exfoliation & Face Masks

I do not exfoliate my skin on a daily basis as it can create micro-tears in the skin and if bacteria enters them it can lead to infection, and that could cause scarring, so if exfoliating is a necessary to you, do it twice a week at most. (just my advice).

Talking of face masks, I am a huge fan of Sephora Hydrating Sheet masks and L’Oreal Skin’s charcoal face mask to clean up impurities and to get a fresh glow.


Pimple Scare!

Most days my skin behaves but on those days when I binge eat or am PMS-ing, I break out a lot. This is how I deal with it; spot treatment.  I use an acne gel just on the pimple spots before bed. My dermatologist recommended me that acne gel. Going to the experts is the way to deal with it.


Clean diet, a lot of water, exercise & sleep
Okay, okay. Honestly, I struggle with the above four essentials, but on days when I am successful in managing these , I can see the difference in my skin.

Also, I’ve been using ‘HealhthifyMe’ app as it reminds me to drink water every hour.


 Au Naturel, Baby!

Only for shoots, events or special occassions is when I doll myself up. For most days, I just do my eyebrows, moisturise and highlight. I let my skin breathe.

My Skin Don’ts
1. Sleeping with makeup on.
2.Picking my pimples (trust me. I picked my pimples once and it left me with acne scars on my face. It is very tempting to pick pimples but don’t. Just don’t.)
3.Not reapplying sunblock (just one time won’t help.)
4. Over the top skin care routines. (know your skin and then choose the products accordingly & wisely.)
5.  Wiping my sweat off with hands. (invest in face wipes. It makes a huge difference for a healthy skin).


Well, that is my skin care fundas. Hope it was helpful to you.


I’ll see you next time with a new post.




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