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Every day when I take a shower, I wash my untoned arms with a little sulk. I am not a huge fan of them. I brood for a while…then I put on my sleeveless top with full pride and confidence. I let them do their jiggles.

‘Self-love’ is not entirely about love. It is to be ‘okay’ with the things that are difficult about you, as it is loving the things that are easy to.
Just like in a relationship, you don’t necessarily love everything about your partner. There are certain qualities about them that annoy you, but you’ve made peace with it ‘cause you know you’re not perfect either.

So, even though I don’t like my untoned arms, I don’t hate it to the level that I start hiding them under full sleeves. I choose to be okay with it and work towards a better me.

But it’s tough in todays world, isn’t it?

For quite some time now, the ideal beauty standards have been haunting us. Take for example, the ‘Jenners/Kardashians-perfection’ that is spread all over our social media feeds. We see them famous & successful and think that we should look like these flawless, spotless and perfect dolls for acceptance.
Completely ignoring the fact that they have always had the opportunity to afford expensive facials, makeups & surgeries.

Some people are privileged and are born with more advantages than others: A perfectly symmetrical face. Good metabolism. Wealthy parents. Social connections that help them score a coveted job. Yet when we compare ourselves (unfavourably) to others, we often beat ourselves up for not trying hard enough. It’s much more likely that the differences we see reflect an uneven playing field- a reality none of us like to accept.

I know people who match these standards and are considered “beautiful” but I didn’t find them as beautiful as those who were unapologetically themselves. Those who are confident in themselves are the most attractive ones.

It is all just an illusion!
The only person you should even consider comparing yourself to, is you.

Self love is a practice. It won’t come to you overnight.
Recognize what is going on;
Allow the experience to be there, just as it is;
Investigate with interest and care;
Nourish with self-compassion;
And always work towards a better YOU!

//In this video, we wanted to depict two messages;

The beauty lies in the mind.
Self love is a seed that you have to sow, work on everyday for it to grow…. and one day see it bloom!

Art by Vidya Nair

Shot by Samiksha Borikar

Model & Concept by Aanchal Trivedi

Who has a beautiful mind?

Have you ever met someone who may not be the most physically attractive person, yet there’s something innately beautiful about them? You can’t put your finger on it, but their soul just seems to light up and radiate outward.

I think people like these, believe deep inside that they are loving and beautiful, with no need to try to convince everyone else around them that they are. Their internal qualities shine, and you find yourself in awe of them, naturally attracted by their presence. These people exude inner beauty and appear attractive in unique ways, not by what they’re wearing or their hairstyle, but by the energy they gie out and the aura that surrounds them.



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