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Fashion Blogging on a Budget 101


Let’s keep this short and simple.

A) I started my blog in second of year of college out of my love for writing.

B) If you go to my archives and check out my first Fashion Blog Posts. You’ll see that I have blogged about picking pieces from my mom’s closet and styling them.

C) Honestly, I had no budget to fund my shopping. So, I used to cut out my old clothes to make new clothes out of it. Example: I have cut an old dress into half to make a co-ord piece out of it. (And I raid my mom’s closet).

D) The very limited allowance I used to get from my parents in college was spent very smartly. I would shop a lot of clothes from street shops. Spending hours there scooping out their best clothes.

E) That is what I did in the beginning. Recycled my old clothes and bought cheap (but still kinda stylish) clothes. I styled them for my content.

F) I do not believe that you need expensive clothes for a successful blog. I mean sure few Gucci, Prada etc in your wardrobe is cool but ain’t a necessary element.

G) After a lot of content creation, I started getting approached by brands. That is when I first started earning my money. I used to reinvest major chunk of it in my blog, went shopping and paid my bills. REMEMBER, this takes time, patience and hard work.

H) Youtube tutorials and online blogs were my teachers. I learned photography, editing and styling all by myself, online.

I) Even after I started earning my money, I shopped and invested in wardrobe basics. Those pieces which can be styled in 50+ ways. Also, sometimes I source clothes from brands on a returnable basis for personal shoots & events. SOMETIMES. (mostly I work on a monetary basis😋)

Take for example this outfit below:

I shopped this black H&M top about 2 years back, have wore and styled it about 30 times in that span.

The pants are from Mad.Glam (the first brand I ever collaborated with on a monetary basis).

The shoes are from Adidas. Well, they are my mom’s shoes actually. She doesn’t gym or run anymore. Soooo… I am now using it.

The glasses are from a local shop in my hometown. I bought it for 75 Rupees.

REMEMBER: Be creative. Let your creativity bring our the best jugaadu in you.

Shot by Ridge Fernandes

I’m the KIM K of my family.
I’m gonna eat it all.
“I’m scared to have kids one day ‘cause they’re gonna need help with maths.”
I really loved the idea of moving out and decorating my own house until I realised that one decent pillow costs 999


2 thoughts on “Fashion Blogging on a Budget 101

  1. Haha that last line weakens every single one who wants to leave home and live alone. Dishwashing would be much effective for guys 🙉😜


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