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Scribbles With The Gypsy Panda: LOVE

In this fast pace, scroll up & down, world. I feel that we are losing out on the beauty of reading & writing.

In an attempt to bring that back, I have started the ‘Scribbles With The Gypsy Panda’ #SWTGP

A topic will be provided every week and you guys have to write down your thoughts on that topic.

I want this to become a medium where we connect with our thoughts & stories. As it is said;
When we read, we are reading the thoughts of other people.

And when we write…

“We attain sanity.”

This week’s topic was LOVE.

Honestly, I loved all your write ups! It was really difficult to shortlist two. So… I have selected three for this week’s features.

Scroll down to check out the write ups. Hit the Like Button & Comment your thoughts!


by Casual Nihilist


by Lavisha Dasani

Love for the Good Ones

by Mishika Arora

All the other write ups can be seen on my InstaStories here: The Gypsy Panda

Again, thank you for all the love guys! ♥️


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