Welcome to my blog The Gypsy Panda



Creating art makes me feel happy, more like alive. I write, click photos, make editorials, design and share all of it here.

The blog is not subjected to just one topic. I want to share everything beautiful which I discover, whether it’s: Fashion, Food, Travel Or just My Take on Life \ Lifestyle. 

Hence, the tagline: Fries, Balloons & Everything lovely.

 If I feel it is worth it, you’ll see it here.

And the reason for the name ‘Gypsy Panda’,well..

Gypsy means a  free-spirited person. The one word which describes my individual self finely .Why panda? They are my favorite and also because my friends say that I behave like them in terms of food, sleep cycle and being clumsy asf.

Surf up. See the world through my words.


Good vibes to you all.