Bare Beauty Essentials W/ SALON O and O

Everyone wants to look beautiful, have that spotless, smooth skin which feels like a baby's butt when you touch it but you cannot do it unless you know proper ways to take care of your face. Your facial skin is constantly exposed to pollutants, dry air, and UV rays. It is therefore important to understand… Continue reading Bare Beauty Essentials W/ SALON O and O

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The Man Company

Okay Boys, buckle up! I have something for you, today. I am going to introduce you to a company, curated especially for men. For centuries, grooming is seen something which is very feminine. The picture was that a man should be rugged and rough, and not smell like a flower. There has been a gap… Continue reading The Man Company

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DIY REMEDIES:Skin and Teeth🙊

Hello Love, I discovered these really effective remedies for common problems we all face,like skin breakouts,tanning,dark circles and yellow teeth. I myself have tried these remedies and have seen the effects. It actually works! Get your hand on these two major products first. 1) Activated Charcoal Powder. I got it from ebay,worth Rs 326. When… Continue reading DIY REMEDIES:Skin and Teeth🙊

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Re-Defining Beauty Standards💁🏻

Hello Beautiful, I hope you had an amazing day. I hope you are happy. I hope you are in love with yourself,'cause that's the most amazing thing that you can do to in this hard world. We live in a society which has a pre-decided what and how everything should be. Beauty. It is put… Continue reading Re-Defining Beauty Standards💁🏻