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From my closet and DIY Bag Decor with Patches!

School's out, sun is too damn hot to work and everyone is out and about, vacaying in the hills or some amazing destination. And here I am, stuck in 35 degrees with WORK! Arrghhhh! I want a vacation so bad and the level keeps on increasing with seeing everyones vacay snap stories. Enough with me… Continue reading From my closet and DIY Bag Decor with Patches!

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The unseen BandrašŸ”

Can we first talk about how hot Mumbai is right now?šŸ™„ You can't get yourself out of the house in this heat, however, we still managed to roam about in the lovely little villages of Bandra.  Now when someone says Bandra, they will talk about the Bandra fort, Carter road, Candies and all the other… Continue reading The unseen BandrašŸ”