Weekends at Rodeo Drive

Rodeo Drive is an all-new American gastropub in Marol, Andheri East. The new outlet in Mumbai, which is on the Peninsula Redpine in Marol proceeds with its Dubai cousin's subject with Gigantic burgers and a fun vibe.Mumbaikars, If you are looking for a fun weekend place to party at then I suggest you Rodeo Drive. Here… Continue reading Weekends at Rodeo Drive


#Weekends at Light House Cafe

If you are reading this then you too are probably sitting at home like me and having a lazy, chill Saturday and if that's not the case, then get off your phone, talk to your friends, go out and have fun, man! (Okay, just kidding. Thank you for the love, fam) Today's post is a… Continue reading #Weekends at Light House Cafe


When Quirky meets Yummy: The Bar Terminal Review

Hello love, I hope your week is going great with you achieving your daily goals successfully. If that is not the case and you are still stuck in your procrastination mood, lemme help you out with it. I suggest that, Go and procrastinate in a cooler place like The Bar Terminal, Mumbai, with good food… Continue reading When Quirky meets Yummy: The Bar Terminal Review


Your new weekend/weekday spot: The PDT (Please Don’t Tell) review 

Did you know that during the alcohol prohibition period (1920s-) in England, the beer lovers found a new way to sneakingly satisfy their thirst. There were bars behind the telephone booths, in which you can enter ONLY if you had the password. PDT bought this same and unique concept here in Mumbai, India. It is… Continue reading Your new weekend/weekday spot: The PDT (Please Don’t Tell) review 


My Home Away From Home #shortcityrides

Mumbai, a city which played a huge role in shaping me into a person that I am today: independent, confident and more in terms with myself. It has taught me a million of things, like how one adjusts, how one chases dreams, how one loves and moreover, it has given me a home away from… Continue reading My Home Away From Home #shortcityrides


{All About} Broaster Chicken India

Newly opened in Mumbai, The Broaster Chicken India is already the talk of the town. Celebs and top bloggers have been gracing the place with their presence and they are all in praise about the Broaster Chicken India. And to be honest, this place deserves all the praise because it is just that good!  … Continue reading {All About} Broaster Chicken India

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Mumbai and Alibaug (mini travel guide)🦄

I am very lucky and blessed to be staying in a city like Mumbai. It is the bollywood capital, city of dreams, city that never sleeps and a city which opens up it's door to everyone and anyone. A city so warm that you'll get addictive to it. Besides the beaches, marine drive, the night… Continue reading Mumbai and Alibaug (mini travel guide)🦄