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How to be a Blogger? (or someone in life)

Let's keep this real and quick. Doubt. Some one rightly said that doubt is the biggest thief in your life. It has stole more dreams than failure ever does. You will face this thief multiple times in your life. Whether it is when you are starting something completely new, out of your comfort zone or… Continue reading How to be a Blogger? (or someone in life)

Mid Night Scribbles

101 Random Acts of Kindness

I hope that you are aware of the devastating news from Manchester. We need one another more than ever. Remember, the best way to deal with hate is love. Remember to be kind always. Even a small act can result in magic. As my attempt to spread a little kindness today, I am spreading the… Continue reading 101 Random Acts of Kindness

Fashion · Mid Night Scribbles

Do you suffer from personality disorder? Ft.

You are confused, don't feel alone,I'm more than one person, I confuse my self One moment i'm this; one moment i'm that, Sometimes I act like someone who made lots of hats, The only reason I struggle with this mind of mine, Is that I don't know who I am, every hour of the time,… Continue reading Do you suffer from personality disorder? Ft.

Fashion · Mid Night Scribbles

The Stigma around “Fashion Blogging”

I really felt the need of this getting out today. We have seen an imense increase in the number of "social media influencers". Whoever has a high number of followers eventually get the brands rolling under them asking them to flaunt one of their produts on their feeds.  That's all what people understand about social… Continue reading The Stigma around “Fashion Blogging”