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Every day when I take a shower, I wash my untoned arms with a little sulk. I am not a huge fan of them. I brood for a while...then I put on my sleeveless top with full pride and confidence. I let them do their jiggles. 'Self-love' is not entirely about love. It is to be… Continue reading …Mind.”

Mid Night Scribbles

A Biography

Wrapped up in my own arms, With a dead stare on my face. Why and How do I end up in this position always? Shaking and sweating in a cold, dark room, 'Easy ways to kill yourself', Googled an hour ago. *Is that a knock on the door, I just heard? Do I actually have… Continue reading A Biography

#Beauty · Fashion · Mid Night Scribbles


In the previous couple of days, I saw such huge numbers of makers griping about the new Instagram algorithm. On how, it just was boosting sure kind of substance, (selfies, cupcakes, creatures, #ootds or semi-nudes, ohkay-holy cow). I did succumbed to this new villain, subjecting myself to just posting extraordinary photographs on me. No joking,… Continue reading Renaissance