Mid Night Scribbles

What Anxiety Looks Like

You want to know what happens when one gets scared of being scared? Well, imagine this situation: you are driving a car and you almost get in an accident. Your body becomes alert, your heart starts to race, but it slowly comes back to normal once your mind is aware that the danger is gone.… Continue reading What Anxiety Looks Like


Manish Arora’s Take On PWF

    Manish¬†Arora¬†is in a spiritual mood for Autumn Winter 2018. Zen Buddhism and meditation from Japan informs rich cherry blossom brocades and chrysanthemum threadwork on monastic kimono inspired jackets and gathered worker trousers. A Japanese precision permeates a strictly divided line-up of uniform silhouettes fabricated in Japanese silks, all topped with knotted scarves made… Continue reading Manish Arora’s Take On PWF