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In the previous couple of days, I saw such huge numbers of makers griping about the new Instagram algorithm. On how, it just was boosting sure kind of substance, (selfies, cupcakes, creatures, #ootds or semi-nudes, ohkay-holy cow). I did succumbed to this new villain, subjecting myself to just posting extraordinary photographs on me. No joking,… Continue reading Renaissance


Lakme Fashion Week Day 3 & 4

Fashion week is like an adventure. I really, really like clothes, you know.Me just wearing my old, dirty tshirt all time at home is a different case. *ahem* __________ At Day 3, I saw poetry walking on the runaway. EKA   Ekà's Rina Singh was taking a gander at incomplete gems, "infinto stylish'' as she… Continue reading Lakme Fashion Week Day 3 & 4