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Dealing with anxiety {My take}

There are two kinds of anxiety, first one is when you feel nervous before a big interview or exam or something which is of major importance to you. You can get sweaty, feel shaky and scared which is normal. This anxiety stays only in that moment. The second kind of anxiety is a bit scary.… Continue reading Dealing with anxiety {My take}

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An Instagram Story

*typing this true story at 3:08 am in the night while sipping some tea 'cause late night vulnerable emotions and thoughts are the purest form of one's self.     I started this blog in December, 2015. It was the outcome of a discussion I had with a friend on a troubled night. You know,… Continue reading An Instagram Story

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Life after college- What I am doing?!

I am truly anxious and humiliated about this article. Presumably the hardest one, I have ever penned down. In the period of July, I declared that I will do a post on "My plans after college", it was particularly asked for by some of you and I thought, "Beyond any doubt, for what reason not.… Continue reading Life after college- What I am doing?!